Monday, August 03, 2009

New Ace Frehley Track - Outer Space

Ace Frehley has made one of his new tracks available as a streaming file (steaming pile?). The song is classic old-school Ace, just as it has been billed. Heavy guitars, Anton Fig on drums, and pretty humorous lyrics. Basically, it's about Ace being in your face because he's from outer space.

Frankly, I dig the sound of this and it makes me kind of stoked to hear the whole album Sept. 15.

Rumor has it that KISS' new 'old school' album will drop in early October from Wal-Mart. Might be called Sonic Boom, and would be a 3-disc set: the new CD, the CD of re-hashed KISS songs recorded by the new version of KISS (and released in Japan already) and a DVD.

Sound familiar? That is exactly what Journey did with their Wal-Mart release.

Dig Ace's Outer Space here or below:

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