Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Broke the Ticketmaster Code!

So, I was able to get a work related trip to the Bay Area arranged for the week of April 23, which puts me there in time to see the Heaven and Hell show on April 24 at the HP Pavilion in Man Jose. Ticketmaster offered tickets today via an Internet pre-sale and not knowing if the show was smoking hot or not, I wanted to get my ticket ASAP. It took me three tries to hit upon the correct pre-sale password. I tried "Hell" and "Black" before nailing it with "Sabbath." How very clever. I felt like a big time hacker. Yee hoo. Anyway, I found out that the whole floor is general admission anyway, so it didn't really matter. But I still felt like I beat the system, so I win for the day.

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