Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New Rush - WOW (really)

So, I have been a Rush fan forever. A die hard. I even liked "Hold Your Fire," but did drop off in the 90s, after Presto. But when they put out "Different Stages," I was back on board. For the record, I think that CD has the best live drum sound I have ever heard on a recording. Anyway, I have seen every tour since and really liked the return to the heavy guitar sound of "Vapor Trails." I also thought the one-off "Feedback" covers EP was a genius way to let off some steam and do something light and different. Well, apparently it's time to get back to business, because word comes that the new Rush CD, called "Snakes and Arrows" will be out on May 8 (pushed back from an earlier-announced May 1 - G&R anyone?). I have no idea how long it will be left there, but the Rush Web site has a very brief snip from the new single "Far Cry" and it sounds like an outtake from the end of Jacob's Ladder. Check out how the last chord is direct rip from Hemispheres. What in the ever living hell are they up to this time? Check it out if you dare!

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VoxMoose said...

Thanks for the heads up, Paul. I was just at the Rush website last month and there was no mention of this new album, then WHAMO: Jacobsphere Part XI (or whatever it is) sounds frickin' great.