Monday, March 12, 2007

John Popper - Dumb Ass

Last week, cops pulled over Blues Traveler’s large and in charge front man John Popper in Washington state for driving his black Mercedes SUV at 111 MPH. Actually, it was his buddy driving – the Popster was a passenger. After smelling dope, cops searched the car and found "weapons stashed in hidden compartments within the car. The state patrol recovered a total of 14 weapons including four rifles, nine handguns and a switchblade knife." His manager says all these weapons were acquired legally and Popper carries them because he likes to visit gun ranges on long drives.

That is one way to blow off steam, besides smoking dope.

The article also said, "The vehicle was equipped with flashing emergency lights, a siren and an external public address system. Troopers also found night vision goggles and a Taser inside the car. Popper indicated to troopers that he had installed these items in his vehicle because (in the event of a natural disaster) he didn't want to be left behind, the Washington State Patrol said."

Wow. This is what happens when paranoid people get rich. The only difference between Popper and the Y2K freaks who moved into bomb shelters in the woods lined with walls of bottled water and dry food, is that Popper can actually afford it. It’s MadMax in a Mercedes.

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