Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rush Train Wreck

Rush is one of my favorite bands. My buddies and I used to marvel at their technical proficiency (and still do) and love their intricate songwriting and smoking performances.

Over the last few tours, they have gotten looser in general, more apt to improvise a bit and generally "play outside of the lines." I especially enjoy when they do that.

But they also mess up now and again. This video is from the most recent tour, and granted, the mess up is not the band's fault. Basically it looks like the pyro at minute 3:45 takes out Alex's amps. By the end of the song, Geddy and Neil are doing a bass-drum duo of "Far Cry" from Snakes and Arrows. Pretty classic! Enjoy.


Dr. John said...

Too funny! Kinda like the spot in Spinal Tap when Nigel Tufnel starts getting the airbase tower during Sex Farm. Especially fitting is the line at the end "I can get back on".

VoxMoose said...

Weird to see and hear Rush have a serious mess-up. But I have to say, compared to the Van Halen screw up and the Michael Schenker crash-and-burn you posted not too long ago, this sounded like a full free form jazz odyssey in front of a festival crowd.