Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shameless Self Promotion Part Two

I have been sitting in with Portland singer-songwriter Matt Vrba lately. He is a great songwriter with really good energy onstage. I guess you could call him 'alt-rock' or 'country rock' or one of those BS hybrid titles. To me it's good old rock and roll, baby!

His stuff is a blast to play to. Reminds me of cutting my teeth back in the day on Exile on Main Street when I was learning how to 'augment' a song. Pick a key, and work it...

Matt has a brand new CD out, called Go. I opted to not make the trip to Chicago for the CD release gig there this Friday (Matt's home town), but will be playing at the December 8 show at the Dublin Pub in Portland.

Anyway, we played the night before Thanksgiving last week and I brought down the camera. Here are a couple of cool tunes:


VoxMoose said...

Cool! Is the golden sparkle Les Paul Gibson a new one?

harmolodic said...

Looks and sounds like it was a blast! Good beer-drinkin' soundtrack. I'll have to keep Vrba in mind if I ever make it up to Portland. Can't go wrong with "Folsom Prison Blues."

Isorski said...

Voxmoose, the guitar is one of those lower end Epiphone Les Paul copies, but I bought it off a friend b/c it sounded so good. I actually used it on the solos on Change and My Everything on the colorfield CD.

Harmolodic, you may not have to come up here. I am pretty sure Matt is booking a CD release gig in SF early next year. When he plays down there, his guitarist is the guy from Super Diamond, though, so you won't see me there! D'oh!