Tuesday, July 29, 2008

colorfield Rocks the Irvington Club

My band colorfield took kind of a long break between last October and this month. Heck, I had been in the band for five years and they were together prior to my joining for at least that long, so I wasn't too worried when we let things slide for many months after our last big show at the Wonder Ballroom last October. It felt like we all needed a break, and I am a firm believer in filling the well by having down time.

But now we are at it again, and it feels very fresh. We have had a couple of low key gigs and have now started to record some new stuff in drummer Dave's home studio, which he set up during the down time.

Me, I played gigs with Matt Vrba and did some solo shows. Wrote a couple of cool songs and got a new Taylor guitar. But now it's nice to have the colorfield stuff to look forward to again.

We played last Thursday at guitar player Pat's tennis club for part of its 110th year celebration. Pretty funny to set up gear on a tennis court and rock the neighbors.

But as with gigs that are a little different from the norm, this one was a hell of a lot of fun and based on the video, we played pretty well. Here are a couple of choice cuts. There are some pretty classic moments on the video as people walk by the camera - especially the dude with the limp. What can I say? A gig's a gig! Enjoy.




VoxMoose said...

Sounds fantastic! I do remember playing at some fitness club in Palo Alto outside with you and Kev circa 1990. I have a vague recollection we woke up some poor scruffy neighbor who came over and gave us a piece of his mind. Sounds like this Colorfield gig went a lot better!

Isorski said...

I remember that too. He came over to me and said, “Do you know what is on the other side of that fence?” and I said, “I don’t know, about 15 cop cars?” and he said “My Apartment!”