Saturday, July 19, 2008

Who Needs Steve Perry? Or A Singer For That Matter?

Those arguing about the current Arnel Pineda-led version of Journey versus the Steve Perry era need to remember that before Steve Perry, the band had three hot shit prog rock albums - with NO lead singer. Or at least not one out in front of the band.

Thanks to Dr. John for finding this face melting singer-less live tune from 1980. Perry had just joined the band and Gregg Rollie was about to leave. And Steve Smith on drums was the other 'new guy.'



VoxMoose said...

I saw this one on Dr. John's site and it seriously rocks. A particularly interesting era for Journey was when Rollie and Perry were both in the band. Perry's high tenor and Rollie's lyric baritone nicely compliment each other. Check out this live circa 1978 version of Feeling That Way/Anytime. Must admit that the Schon look in that era does remind me of a younger Isorski -- or at least a fashion direction he could have taken :)

Isorski said...

Wow, great video! Where these days on TV could a band play a seven minute song unbroken by commercials or bullshit? And, yeah I could only dream of a fro that epic!