Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rush Performs on Colbert Report Tonight

No, not Rush Limbaugh.

Just got an email from the Rush people that the band will be on the Colbert Report tonight at 11:30 PM.

The AP reports that the band will perform Tom Sawyer, and that they have not performed live on television since 1975. That is incredible, but I guess it's true!

Here is a press release from Atlantic Records announcing the news.

It's not my first mention of Rush and Colbert, either - remember this?

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VoxMoose said...

Brilliant! I have a theory that Colbert is a true geek's geek (something I can relate too). For example, he grew up reading lots of science fiction and fantasy, and has attributed aspects of his dynamic acting and improvisation skill to playing Dungeons & Dragons as a teen. In that context, wouldn't surprise me if he was also a devout Rush fan too :)