Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rush Rips It Up On Colbert Report

Rush fans worldwide had major wood last night as the band was the main attraction of the 30 minute Colbert Report. From the very beginning, when Limelight played over the opening credits, there was joke after joke about the band's appearance on the show - their first on American TV in more than 30 years.

As a great bonus, Colbert actually interviewed the band and the banter was hilarious. After talking about who the band's influences were, and noting that they are known for writing long songs, he asked the band, "Have you ever written a song so epic that by the end of the song you were actually being influenced by yourself in the beginning of the song?" Classic.

The show director (and main Rush fan on the show) asked if they could sign his host, so all three signed Stephen's hand. Then Neil says, "I better not see that on eBay." Colbert noted that the band isn't in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yet and asked, "Have you considered titling your next album 'That's Bullshit'?"

Then they broke into Tom Sawyer. Wow - very interesting to hear Rush in a studio setting. The drums sounded really bad and there was little processing on the vocals or anything else for that matter. Having heard Tom Sawyer a billion times live and on live CDs, it was actually refreshing to hear this super raw rendition. I bet it was louder than all hell in the studio!

The only bummer is that they had to cut to a commercial right after Neil's epic drum fills at the end of the guitar solo. Very very big buzz kill. Seems like that could have been planned better but they weaved it into kind of a joke, so when the commercials were over, Rush were still playing and Colbert basically fell asleep at his desk while the credits rolled.

The whole thing was light hearted and it was very cool to see. Between that and the Rolling Stone article, it's nice to see Rush hitting the mainstream a bit. They deserve the props.

One of the things Colbert said in his intro is that Rush has the fourth highest number of gold records of any band. I did not know that, and that is highly awesome.

You can watch the segment here:


VoxMoose said...

Major wood is right. No kidding. That was glorious. Another good line: "You've been touring for over 30 years. Do you ever get tired of being so awesome and kicking so much ass?"

Jimmy's fixation on Rush is part of the show's schtick, but I'm betting Colbert himself is also into them too.

Dr. John said...

This was just way cool to watch, and I thought that Tom Sawyer sounded just frickin' awesome. Very raw and you could absolutely tell they were playing it, not playing along to a recording. I agree, the cut in was a bit corny, but whatever...

My favorite quotes were 1) Colbert calling them the "J.D. Salinger of Canadian Prog Rock" in response to them being on American TV for the first time since I was in grade school, 2) Playing "Anthem" after Colbert complained about them substituting "Limelight" for his usual anthem, and 3) Colbert reading the opening lines to "By Tor and the Snow Dog" in the first segment.

Did you know you can buy the show for $1.99 on iTunes?