Wednesday, July 02, 2008

McCartney Does A Day in the Life too

OK, so Neil isn't the only one doing A Day in the Life live right now.

According to Rolling Stone, Paul McCartney has dusted off this mostly Lennon tune from Sgt Pepper and is doing it live. At a June 1 concert in good old Liverpool, Paul and his band did a pretty good rendition (outside of Paul messing up the lines in his own piece of the song - not Lennon's!).

They keep flashing to Yoko in the audience. And yeah, Dave Grohl played with the band at this gig. I am not kidding - read about it here. He has now jammed with Queen, Zeppelin and McCartney that I know of - and his drummer Taylor Hawkins played with Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee from Rush as we know. WTF?

To see Paul do A Day in the Life, here ya go:

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