Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ron Wood Hooks Up With 18-yr-old, Lands in Rehab

You know that when Keith Richards suggests you go to rehab, you are in trouble.

The Stones' Ron Wood fell off the wagon hard this week, apparently hooking up with an 18-year-old waitress on a drinking binge that included the two staying at his home in Ireland, drinking a couple of bottles of vodka a day. She posted on her Facebook page that he was leaving his wife for her because - well, that's what 18 year olds do!

The other Stones reportedly pleaded for Woodie to get his act together and return to his patient and oblivious wife of 23 years. More details here and here.

Honestly, I am not totally surprised. In my review of Wood's book, I noticed that he didn't seem to grasp the concept that as an alcoholic, he just CAN'T be around the stuff. He had the, "I can just have one drink" attitude that always seems to lead to a complete and total relapse.

Whereas from his book, Clapton seemed to totally get it, Woodie takes a 'boys will be boys' attitude that left me feeling at the end of his book that he might slide back into the booze.

Anyway, apparently he came to his senses long enough to ditch the jail bait and check back into rehab. Hopefully it will stick this time. Best of luck, Woodie!

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Further on up the road said...

To be honest I saw him on a UK chat show when he was claiming to be better about a year maybe two back.

Hmm - I've been there - rehab and all that and I thought - "You look like someone I'd wager will be back out there sometime son"

Sad to be proved right. I wish him well but I fear he has someway to go to hit the "moment of clarity" he'll need.