Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yes Pulls A Journey - Goes to YouTube for NEW SINGER to Replace Jon Anderson

This is not a joke (or is it?).

Jon Anderson's chronic reactive airway disease has led to the band to replace him with singer Benoit David from Canadian Yes tribute band Close To The Edge. See and hear him here. Indeed Chris Squire himself endorsed the band back in May.

This news was posted yesterday at Classic Rock Magazine, but there is no confirmation on Yes' site or anywhere else for that matter.

The story says, "The band plan to tour North America towards the end of this year, with a break in early 2009 given Howe's prior commitments to Asia, and then further Yes touring in other countries."

If this is true, it's a mistake. Journey and Priest could pull it off but I don't see Yes fans buying this. It's not like Yes is some faceless band and people who like them won't miss the lead singer. Yes' audience has shrunk to a tight group of fanatics who go to every show, but will likely not be into Anderson being replaced. Not at this stage in the band's career.

If this is true, catch Yes on the county fair and casino circuit, but you won't see me there.

Thanks to MSTai for the tip...


On doing some more research, it looks like this idea may have been hatched as early as July. From a post on the YesFans site, check out this letter sent to promoters, soliciting gig offers for the band:

From: Xxxxxx Xxxxx
Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2008 2:31 PM
Subject: YES

Hello All,

Please see the notes below. The band YES will be touring cut-down arenas and theatres from October 30 – Dec. 14, 2008. They are looking for Guarantees of XXX. Note: The band is traveling with production.

When you have a moment please let me know if you are interested in promoting,


VP Operations


YES – Featuring Chris Squire, Alan White, Steve Howe, Oliver Wakeman, and a soon to be announced new lead singer (in the mold of Jon Anderson of course, who has well publicized vocal problems and is unable to perform).

Their 40th anniversary summer tour (of mostly amphitheaters) has been canceled due to Jon’s vocal issue.

The band is now looking to re-schedule and scale down the tour to be able to play theaters and cut-down arenas. The time period is October 30 through December 14.

Looking for XXX in most majors and secondaries (more $$ in markets that has history and/or big money Fair or Casino offers).

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harmolodic said...

Disappointing news, especially since I blew every chance I had in the past to see Yes. I mean, if they're going to replace Jon, they might as well do something radical like ask Trevor Horn to come back as lead singer and completely re-arrange all the old classics so they sound like Trevor's Seal productions. Or maybe just cut to the chase and ask Seal to sing. That would be interesting...