Thursday, September 25, 2008

These Guitars Have Balls...Well, Some of Them Do

You need a little something extra for your axe slinging? Tired of that same old boring Les Paul or Strat guitar design? Why stick with these dull tools when you could augment your shredding by playing guitars shaped like machine guns, axes, naked women or dicks.

Without further ado, here are ten guitars designed to bring out the man in your playing! Thanks to my buddy Dave for the ref.

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Chris said...

Ha, those are great. Elyse, who used to play in (and finance, apparently) the band Raging Slab rocked a pretty mean guitar as well:

She is/was a great slide player in particular.

We played a show here a month or so ago where some "expert" was chewing Jimmy's ear off about this great guitar he bought, claiming that of the "over 102 guitars he's bought (what exactly is that, btw? 103? 105?)" this new one was the best guitar ever. I don't remember what kind it was. Anyway, when he asked Jimmy what he plays, Jimmy said his main guitar is a Les Paul custom shop, and he also has a strat and a Gold Top reissue. The guy then went on to explain how the Les Paul is the worst designed guitar ever. He was a dick.

Sometimes those fancy, high end axes seem just too smooth for me. I like something that fights back a little.

And I'm rambling. . . .