Monday, March 24, 2008

Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee Join Foo Fighters on YYZ

Attendees to the Foo Fighters show last Saturday at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto got a unbelievable treat coming out of Taylor Hawkins' drum solo. Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson from Rush stroll out and the three bust into a complete version of YYZ.

Thank God for YouTube and a thousand camera-ready cell phones. At about 2 minutes into the video below, Hawkins teases the crowd out of his solo with the intro to YYZ. Based on the insane screaming from those around the amateur photographer, the crowd knows the song.

Then, Lee and Lifeson walk out to a pretty classic Dave Grohl intro and then we get the whole song. I love it when bands do this kind of stuff. And big kudos to Geddy and Alex for doing crazy shit like this! makes me love 'em even more.

And how would you like to be Taylor Hawkins? Holy crap. I know a few drummers who can pull off YYZ on the drums pretty well. But how'd ya like to do it with Geddy and Alex in front of, like, 20,000 screaming freaks? Yeah!



VoxMoose said...

Wow, man. That was fantastic. I wouldn't have guessed there was a lot of overlap between Rush and Foo Fighters, but what the hell do I know. YYZ was featured in Guitar Hero II; that may have helped widened the fan base.

Sue said...

a tough act to follow

Sue said...

voxmoose: what's the difference between a mean-spirited athiest and a regular athiest?

Isorski said...

Voxmoose, the guy with the name I can't spell or pronounce who produced Snakes and Arrows has worked with the Foos, so that might be the connection.

Sue, are you trying to start something? ;)

VoxMoose said...

Ah, right, Nick Raskulinecz. Cool. That clip seriously rocked. Neil should be worried :)(

Sue's interesting, but offtopic, comment is referring to one of my blog posts.

Sue: it is difficult to interpret nuances from blog comments, but your question seems to insinuate that there is no distinction between regular and mean-spirited atheists. But keep in mind, most everyone is an atheist with respect to other people's religious beliefs they don't subscribe to. For example, most people are "Zeus atheists" or "Scientology atheists." If you know any non-believers in Poseidon who are also not mean-spirited, then you now have successfully identified a non-mean-spritied atheist.

While most people on this blog are almost certainly atheists with respect to Greek mythology, I just so happen to also be an atheist with respect to the beliefs of the Abrahamic religions (i.e. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). These Abrahamic religions are obviously very common belief systems in the world today, and this is perhaps an unpopular stance to take in modern times. But keep in mind, in addition to people who don't subscribe to any religion, Abrahamic atheism also includes Buddhism.

Basically, my point is people have all variations of attitudes regardless of their non-belief in something. This is a human thing, not a non-belief thing.

Barbara - Layla said...

GET OUT. Loved this.

Sue said...

First, isorski, the only reason I brought up the athiest thing on your blog is that for some reason I coulndn't get into the comments on voxmoose's. It won't happen again.

voxmoose: yes, I was trying to start something. That's how I am. I see I have gotten in way over my head. Your explanation is way deeper than I am. (I'm playing with the big boys now.)

VoxMoose said...

sue, your question was a good one and perfectly reasonable. I just feel bad filling Isorski's music blog with this topic. On my blog, you now show up as a registered user and you should be able to submit comments to the moderation system (it is a little different from google blogger).

By the way, I enjoy you blog. Lots of good stuff.

Kevin said...

Awesome clip, Isorski! Huge cool points for Geddy/Alex, and it made me sickly envious of Taylor Hawkins. I beat the crap out of my desk playing along.