Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grammy Snubs - Are We Surprised?

It should not come as a shock that a number of Grammy-nominated bands talked about on this blog have all been snubbed in tonight's awards festivities.

That list includes Porcupine Tree, Heaven and Hell, and Tool.

And of course, Rush lost their 5th nomination for best Best Rock Instrumental Performance. To who? Well, Bruce Springsteen of course. He plays circles around Rush! Fucking Grammy wankers.

To see the whole list, dig it here.


Sue said...

you are so good

judakris said...

Totally dig the blog! --J

Further on up the road said...

I ignore the whole thing and the Brits which is generally worse - eps. some of the lifetime achievement award which have been laughable. Remember the year The Darkness won everything (The Darkwho? - precisely gone and forgotten already) well they closed the show but not before Muse had totally blown them off stage. My brother - not noted for his Muse love phoned me and said - "They just rocked they should ahve won everythign"

Dr. John said...

Even a bigger snub is that two other artists well known for being primarily instrumental composers and performers in the rock genre, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, did not win. I can't comment on PT not winning as I don't have 5.1 to listen to their album or even compare it to the others on the list. Sabbath was in for cover art or something, so if they lost so what? Would have been nice for Rush to win though, I agree.