Thursday, February 21, 2008

Heart of the Moment

Carl Palmer, drummer extraordinaire from Asia "had a successful heart operation carried out at an undisclosed hospital," according to a press release found at the Asia Web site yesterday.

The release continues that "Palmer, 57, had an angioplasty procedure done which is designed to prevent further narrowing of an artery in his heart by insertion of a stent."

"This was a precautionary measure done to ensure my safety. In my case, it was as a result of a hereditary factor, and the physicians involved wanted to make sure every precaution was taken. I am very grateful for their medical expertise and care," said Palmer.

Lots of people have this done. What's weird is that Asia's John Wetton had emergency open heart surgery last August.

Note how Palmer makes the distinction that the cause of his operation was 'hereditary' and not due to years of substance abuse and poor eating (Wetton).

Anyway, if I were Steve Howe or Geoff Downes, I'd be signing up for the full body scan/cavity probe to make sure I wasn't next in the ole Asia "Heart of the Moment" club.

What the hell? Maybe they ought to name the upcoming Asia album "Aorta."


Geno said...

I like your style!

Further on up the road said...

ho ho.... The first album was brill - er lost track of them after that. Are they still going?