Sunday, February 10, 2008

Stones Movie and New Links

This might be old news to some of you but last week I stumbled onto the trailer for a new Rolling Stones movie called Shine A Light, coming soon.

Looks like it might be pretty good, but I dunno. Right now I am a bit sick of The Stones. After reading the Ronnie Wood book, I wanted to go back and check out some Stones music I had not heard a million times and landed on Emotional Rescue. It has some good stuff on it but doesn't really hold up to the ones that bookended it - Some Girls and Tattoo You.

I also added some new links to the Isorski blogroll. Thanks to some of my new frequent commenters, for turning me on to your cool blogs. Great stuff!

For a much higher quality, widescreen version, go the official movie site here.

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Sue said...

isorski - I'll take the Stones any day over the Beatles. The character Depp played in B & J was based on Buster Keaton. borntotalk