Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rush and Rush on Colbert Report

As found on the Rush Is A Band blog, the source for all things Rush, here is a hilarious appearance of Rush on the Colbert Report, where they accidentally mix up the band with Rush Limbaugh. Below is the whole clip but the Rush bit starts just after two minutes.

And related to my Grammy posts, he even throws in a little plug for Herbie Hancock around 4:45 into the video.



VoxMoose said...

That's really amusing! Don't see Rush (the band) in the American media so much these days.

harmolodic said...

What a good laugh! Colbert is great. That "Rockit" breakdance was classic. I'll never look at Rush Limbaugh the same way again.

Further on up the road said...

Thanks for the Rush blog link.

Saw them in Oct at Wembley - ace as ever but sound at Wembley as crap as ever - it's not the best acoustically.

Now - Mohegan Sun.... I'm often in CT for work, can I oganise a trip at that time.... I'll have to work on it. :-)