Friday, January 23, 2009

Get You Galactic Tail, This Will

Young Jedi, bust this out at the next Star Wars convention, you will. Get you hot geek love affair, it might! So bid well young Jedi and commence shredding, you will!

According to the post on

Star Wars creator George Lucas has designed a very limited-edition Gibson guitar featuring Yoda on the body. This very special guitar (of which there are only 20 in the world) will be auctioned at the Phoenix Guitar Gala in Petaluma, California. If you haven’t got an X-Wing in the garage to get you to the auction in person, you will still have the opportunity to get your mitts on this very special axe by bidding online. Cost you a fortune, it will etc.

The Guitar Gala runs February 28 so have you a month to gather your money, you do.

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Dr. John said...

Feel the force ffffllllloooowwwww through your fingers...