Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reunion Roulette

Classic Rock Magazine posted a short article in response to the on-again off-again Zeppelin reunion rumor mill, stating that in the UK, a Zeppelin reunion isn't even that deeply sought after by music fans.

In this short post, the publication says:

Ticket company Viagogo recently compiled top ten of bands people would love to see reform, with the chart running as follows:

2. The Smiths
3. Take That (with Robbie Williams)
4. Stone Roses
5. Guns N’ Roses (with Slash)
6. Pink Floyd
7. Talking Heads
8. The Faces
9. Wham!
10. Jackson Five

Now, I am not sure if Viagogo put this list together scientifically or what, but Wham!? Really?

I feel very fortunate that over the last few years, a lot of the reunions I had been dying to see (and frankly thought would never, never happen) already took place, even if they were just for one show. The two that come to mind first are Floyd and Zeppelin (yeah, not an official reunion with one member deceased, but Jason did very very well). And also The Police. And the original KISS lineup.

And Heaven and Hell (Sabbath with Dio), for God's sake. That one is more than a reunion - that is a re-birth with all the new material forthcoming and recent live DVD.

My rule is to stick with what is actually possible, so I am not going to pine for any more Pink Floyd reunions, with one (two?) of the key members deceased. Nor will I hope for a Beatles reunion or anything that would require a time machine to make a reality.

But having said that, what are some bands you would still love to see re-form before key members truck off to the great gig in the sky?


Chris said...

The recent death of Ron Asheton makes me that more thankful we made the trip to Seattle a couple years ago to see that last Stooges tour, because it was great.

It bums me out my kid will never see the Ramones.

Seano said...

I was also lucky enough to see "The Cops" as we like to call them...and the mighty Stooges last year.

As for Zep...can you see Robert(as much as I love him) even coming close to hitting notes in The Immigrant Song or even The Ocean? I can't...and that's why I don't need to see Zep. I've got the DVD from a few years back and I live off the fumes of that.
I cannot imagine anyone but Mr. Anderson singing yes songs, though? Who is this clone guy and where do I get footage of him online so I can tear him a new one?

Don Capone said...

I'd go for a Smiths reunion, since I never got to see them. I don't know who's left, everyone seems to be dead: Nirvana, The Clash, Beatles.

How about Soundgarden? Accept?

VoxMoose said...

Deep Purple with Richie Blackmore, Lord, Gover, Gillian, Paice.

I've got a soft spot for Triumph. Not a high influence band, but lots of fond nostalgia for me. Sadly, they are probably more county fair fodder at this point.

You went through a Van Halen phase here on Musings, so that reunion is probably worth mentioning from last year with David Lee Roth (I didn't see it).

Isorski said...

Triumph for sure, although that (and the Roth reunion) already happened. I'd love to see that Deep Purple Mark IV again but no way can Gillan hit those notes anymore. I will just have to remember the two times I saw them in the 80s.

Anonymous said...

The Refreshments...

The Peacemakers just aint the same