Friday, January 09, 2009

Send Space Ace Into Space

Sounds like a line from a KISS song, doesn't it?

If you are flush with cash in this down economy and instead of wasting your money on charitable causes or safe investments (like storing it in your mattresses), I have a great cause for you.

It's called Ace To Space and it's a Web site devoted to raising money to get Ace Frehley sent into space. While he is still alive, I presume.

The brilliantly designed Ace To Space site posted this statement yesterday:

To put the biggest question to rest, YES this is a real venture and we are going to do everything we can to be sure Ace is given the opportunity to take a journey into outer space.

During the last 10 months since we started this venture, our priority has been to establish our mission and do the due diligence to make sure it was even possible. Now that we know it is, our next objective is to make sure Ace is given the opportunity.

We have chosen VH1 to document this mission from the ground up and yesterday, Jeff Olde, VH1 Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Production, was given the latest top secret details regarding this mission.

No word on whether VH1 gives a crap. Me, I personally chose CNN to cover my entry into the race for Portland head Dogcatcher but they never got back to me.

This gem was posted some time ago but is the basis of the effort:

We have confirmed that it IS possible for Ace Frehley to be launched into orbit and it IS possible for him to broadcast a short musical performance. There are many technical challenges involved with this but we have been told that they can all be overcome.

My check is in the mail.

Oh and by the way, Ace just announced the name of his upcoming solo album: Anomaly. Catchy! Here is the artwork, according to his site. I hope it rocks. As much as I sling crap, I love Ace!

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Chris said...

This seems goofy as hell, but I sure hope that Ace album sees the light of day.