Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Jimmy Page Confirms That Former Zep Will Move On With New Singer

I guess this is not big news. There have been rumors flying for a while that Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham have been playing and writing. And pining. For a singer.

Robert Plant has said no pretty firmly a number of times. So the rumored new singers starting emerging. The most serious was that Steven Tyler jammed with the trio. A late October article said that session didn't go so well:

A source tells Britain's The Mail on Sunday newspaper, "Steve was jamming with Zep. They had a great time but Steve kept fluffing (messing up) his lines. He got quite flustered about it."

But now Page's management has confirmed that the singer search is indeed on. He told the BBC News:

"...they decided that if they could find a singer that they thought would fit their bill, whatever their bill was at this stage in their career, that they'd make a record and go on tour."

"I can't comment on any rumours right now," he said, "It's gonna be a long and difficult process. And we're not soliciting people. So don't call me about it!" Similarly, it is not known whether the new outfit would be touring under the banner Led Zeppelin or a new name.

I have said it before and I will say it again. I would love to hear music from these guys. Just don't call it Led Zeppelin!


Dr. John said...

Funny. I was listening to the classic rock staton morning show earlier this week, and the DJ quoted two stories (with quotes from the exact same person associated with the band!), one from the BBC and one from some music magazine that I can't remember the name of, that said the exact opposite things about this! One said Zep would tour once they found a singer, and the other said 2007 was it and they would tour no more. Get it straight, guys!

Don Capone said...

I agree—make new music and tour, but don't call the new band Led Zeppelin. Personally, I'm rooting for Chris Cornell.