Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Peter Criss in DVD Film "Frame of Mind"

Ex-KISS guys are famous for talking up projects that are 'weeks from release' when in reality they are mere ideas. Maybe we'll finally see Ace's solo album this year. I don't know. He's been talking about it for years.

Peter Criss? Well, he's also been talking about an album, a book and an acting career for a long time. The album came out in 2007. Still waiting on that book.

But the acting thing is happening for Pete too. According to various sources, Criss co-stars in the straight-to-DVD film titled Frame of Mind.

According to KissMaskWebzine:

The film stars Chris Noth (Law and Order; Sex and the City) and Vince Curatola and centers around a New Jersey police officer who comes across new evidence in the Kennedy assasination. The film was shot in Carlstadt, New Jersey. The film was directed by Charles Evans and co-writer of the screenplay with Charles Kipps. Kipps also co-wrote "Dosen't Get Better Than This" from Peter's 2007 release, ONE FOR ALL. The film is due for release on February 24. You can pre-order at

Here is a clip, showing Pete as a cop, a role he's always said he was comfortable with, for some reason. Looks cool. Early reviews of the movie have been positive. Good for you, Pete!

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