Friday, March 21, 2008

Aces High

You want to fly on Iron Maiden's plane? Noooo problem!

For roughly $800, you could get a flight, for example, to see Maiden at the Super Bock Super Rock Festival, Lisbon, Portugal, or to Lerkendal Stadium in Trondheim, Norway. Your flight will be piloted by Captain Bruce Dickinson, whose day job (night job?) is to sing for the band. Hmmm.

Costs include:
- Exclusive themed Bruce Air ED FORCE ONE goodie bag
- Personally signed photo of Bruce in Ed Force One
- Standing ticket to the Iron Maiden concert
- Bus transfers at destination to venue and to and from hotel where trip includes hotel

Does not include:
- Where Eagles Dare barf bag
- Rime of the Ancient Mariner sleep mask
- Matter of Life and Death parachute
- Lap dance from Eddie
- Guarantee you won't crash from wasted pilot buzzing Judas Priest tour bus

No word if the plane will take passengers around on the US leg of the tour. But if I can catch a ride from PDX to Seattle with the boys in June, I will post a photo or two.

Go here to book your flight!


Chris said...

If I could do it, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Sue said...

I don't trust private pilots - only the commercial ones who fly drunk.

Barbara - Layla said...

HA! If I don't get a barf bad or lap dance from Eddie you can count me out.

Now if Bruce would get his pilot's license and offer this deal, I'd be ALL over it.