Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mary Anne Smokes Mary Jane!

This is great. 69-year-old Dawn Wells, famous for playing the uber hot Mary Anne on Gilligan's Island, was busted for having pot in her car.

She claimed some hitchhikers she picked up sparked up the joint so she kicked them out. Then a friend later claimed he left it in her car without her knowledge. And, she was swerving in the road because "she was trying to find the heater controls in her new car." Whatev. When you are baked to the tits, it can get chilly. And geez - look at the mugshot. Stoned!

Me, I think this bust is bogus. Once you hit 67 you ought to be able to smoke whatever you damn well please.

Full deets here.


Sue said...

what about when you're 63?

Isorski said...

63, 36, hell's bells - hit it!

Chris said...

That is a great mug shot. I suspect her popularity just soared.

Guitarman5150 said...

That's a great story and an even funnier picture to go with it!