Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wafer Thin!

This is a kick. I don't post about high-tech too much, even though that is my job outside of blogging and jamming. But this is too much:

ValleyWag reports:

Newsweek tech columnist Stephen Levy had a MacBook Air. Had -- past tense. It seems Levy misplaced his ├╝ber-thin notebook, losing it somewhere in his apartment. That should be easy enough to find, right? Maybe not:

On Sundays in my apartment, the coffee table where the Air sat becomes the final resting place for the bulky New York Times. It is not unusual for other magazines, and newspapers from previous days, to accumulate there as well.

My wife, whose clutter tolerance is well below my own, sometimes will swoop in and hastily gather the pulp in a huge stack, going directly to the trash-compactor room just down the hall from our apartment, dumping the pile into a plastic recycling bin. Sometimes the whole mess gets so nasty that I even perform this task myself. Could it be that somewhere in the stack was a Macintosh computer so thin that its manufacturer brags it could fit inside an envelope? I believe so. (For the record, my wife does not subscribe to this theory.)

As humiliating as it sounds, let me repeat: the MacBook Air is so thin that it got tossed out with the newspapers.

Being a tech reporter, he probably got that computer for free but it's still $1,700 down the chute! Literally.


Don Capone said...

What's a newspaper?

Sue said...

Don's comment reminds me of when a
piano student gave me a book and on the front was part of a typewriter. He pointed to it and said - what's that?

Chris said...

I don't know. I was eyeballing my obnoxious mutant offspring when we stopped at the convenience store after school yesterday, and I remarked, "When did you get that shirt?"

He replied with that blank look only teenagers can muster and said, "What shirt?"

eagle said...

and that's why I still use a walkman...nice and bulky. That's my motto.