Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Boston to Tour

Looks like Tom Scholtz is taking the latest version of Boston on the road.

I saw Boston in the late 80s in the Bay Area and it was solid. Brad Delp was still in the band, and they only had three albums' worth of material to pull from. Despite this, it was one of the LONGEST concerts I have ever been to, and Scholtz's band really delivered.

Delp's voice was fantastic and I remember being really surprised at how good the show was. I guess I should have expected as much, since Scholtz is such a flipping perfectionist.

But alas, Delp is no longer with us, and there are a bunch of other mediocre Boston albums to draw from (they are promising new and old material). One of the singers in the band is from Stryper. You know...

So I think I will pass, even though they are rumored to be coming to Portland in July.

Full details here.


Dr. John said...

Hmmm...I do remember catching some Stryper videos on MTV on Headbanger's Ball waaaaaay back in the 1980's. Yes, the "metal" they played was somewhat commercial and timid, but the singer, Michael Sweet, was halfway decent. Hope the show is a good one if you go.

VoxMoose said...

All I remember about Stryper was that they were on the forefront of 80s Christian Hair Metal (or perhaps there WERE the movement) and they dressed in striped yellow and black skin tight spandex, which made them look like strangely effeminate man-bees.

Pretty much a marketing train wreck from start to finish, in my opinion. Definitely not my cup of tea.

In fairness, Sweet must have pretty good pipes to be picked by Scholtz in place of the late and legendary Delp, so I can respect that.

Anonymous said...
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Chris said...

I saw that 3-album Boston tour back in the day at the Tacoma Dome. Was a good show. I don't know about this lineup, though. Brad Delp was every bit as much Boston as Tom Scholz is, even though Scholz was really the mastermind.

Lawrence said...

In Oklahoma City - just got home from the Boston concert - wow! Awesome! They were incredible!