Monday, March 17, 2008

McCartney Takes $50 Million Hit

CNN is reporting that Paul McCartney will get out of his marriage to Heather Mills by paying her $35 million plus $15 million of assets (would 150,000 copies of the Beatles butcher album take care of it, luv?).

This news is enough to validate Gene Simmons' "never get married - it's bad for you financially" edict, but really, is $50 million all that much to a guy whose net worth is supposed to range from half a billion to a billion and change, depending on who you ask?

Put it this way - He could pay four ex-wives the same amount and just equal the amount Robert Plant turned down to tour with Zeppelin.


Dr. John said...

My heart bleeds...Yeah right. Just like any other insanely wealthy celebrity (musician, movie star, sports star, etc.) says, it's not about the money. If it isn't what is it about?

Sue said...

I repeat: I wonder why people bother with the wedding

Guitarman5150 said...

What do you expect from a gold digger?