Monday, March 03, 2008

Jeff Healey Passes Away

I remember seeing Jeff Healey play on a late night talk show in the 80s and thinking the dude was amazing. He played the guitar more like a keyboard – laying it flat on his lap and pushing down on the fretboard like you would play a keyboard. I have never seen anyone else play guitar like that.

He was also a great singer. I had his debut CD “See the Light,” which I thought was kind of a trite name for an album by a blind artist. But it was solid and I really liked the track “Angel Eyes,” which was also the big hit on the release.

I had no idea that it was cancer that took his eyes. And I was surprised and saddened by today’s news of his passing. The full story is here and the below video showcases that killer style he had:


Dr. John said...

Very cool video. It is amazing the diversity that some people are able to overcome to do some simply incredible things. Wonder if he had any influence on Stanley Jordan, the great jazz guitarist who also played in a similar "keyboard" style.

It was also fun to see the full on early 90's rock and roll dress style: mullet, poofy hair, trenchcoat, etc.

Further on up the road said...

That is very sad news - like you I caught onto him in the 80s around See the Light time. I had an old VHS of him concert around but think that might be gone now.

Huey Mungus said...

I saw him twice in Portland. Both times about 5-6 feet away. First @ The Roseland and then @ the Dan Reed club (forget the real name before he bought it). My ears bled for days! I was sick when I found out that he passed away. Cool thing was that he went back to doing a lot of Jazz recordings. He was into that before Rock. Bad thing was he was 42 and left a young family. He will be missed.