Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Iron Maiden Blows Off Steam

Thanks to Pat for sending me this video of Iron Maiden going nuts. This clip is back from when Maiden was at the top of metal mountain. But they had just come off the insanely long Powerslave tour and were totally burnt out.

There is a fantastic new interview with Maiden at where bassist Steve Harris candidly says, "But, by the end of the tour we were fried. Five or six nights a week for 30 months, two hours a night, full-on. Physically we were fit at the end of it but mentally very unfit. . . Bruce [Dickinson, vocals] was so fried he couldn't even write anything, really. Anything coherent, anyway (laughs), for the next album. Without a doubt, he was the one affected the most."

So, that explains the below video. It's the band blowing off steam by totally throwing the video shoot for "Wasted Years" from Powerslave's inferior follow up, Somewhere In Time. It's pretty funny. I like how the producer just 'goes with it' and breaks into 80s era special video effects.

Got tickets the other day for the band's upcoming show outside of Seattle. They are bringing the whole Powerslave stage and set list back, which is going to be awesome. I will make that drive and pay the cash just to see them do "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" again. Good times, good times.

And maybe we'll get to see the Maiden plane fly over the city.


Chris said...

Ah, Maiden. There is a blog in my future about this too. I love this band. One of the things I love about them is that they are one of the few bands around as long as they have been who continue to put out quality albums and tour behind them, rather than resorting to endless greatest hits tours.

I got my tickets as well. Almost forgot, so didn't get as good of seats as I'd like, but my boy and I will be there.

What I'm debating is leaving a couple days early, catching Rush at the Gorge on Saturday, then Maiden in Auburn on Monday.

Isorski said...

I got tix too but it was a bit odd. I signed in for the pre-sale and the only thing available were seats. I do not want to sit for this - I wanted GA floor tix.

With Rush I had the same issue, and when the tix went onsale to the public I got BETTER Rush seats than I could with the presale, which I found odd but it worked out, clearly.

So, I thought I would do the same thing with Maiden but then I FORGOT until Sunday and then all good seats were gone, baby gone.

But I may have an in that can get me on the floor, so I punked out and bought lawn, so I can at least get into the venue. Argh.

We will have to hook up. Would love to meet you there.

VoxMoose said...

That Maiden clip was classic, but the crowd seems a bit baffled. Dave and Adrian both seem to be rolling their eyes thinking, "what the fuck take is this again? I've got shit to do..." But the other guys are clearly having fun. Steve is too docile to be a lead singer and Bruce is too spastic to be a guitarist.